Peter Boys, Boys Financial Services


Peter is an active member of ADVOCIS (Financial Advisors Association of Canada), the oldest and largest voluntary professional membership association of financial advisors and planners in Canada. You can find his business profile here.

What unites our members is the common activity of helping Canadians to realize their financial goals and protect what is at stake – the savings of Canadians and the financial security of their families and themselves.

Advocis members are professional financial advisors who:

  • Adhere to an established professional Code of Conduct
  • Uphold standards of best practice
  • Participate in ongoing continuing education programs
  • Maintain appropriate levels of professional liability insurance
  • Commit to putting their client interests first

ADVOCIS Mission Statement

The Financial Advisors Association of Canada provides a platform of knowledge, advocacy, community and protection enhancing the professionalism of financial advisors and planners in the best interest of the consumer.

Advocis is a valued stakeholder to governments and regulators at all levels, and the Association aggressively pursues its members’ interests in the public square through a variety of advocacy initiatives.

To learn more about the role that ADVOCIS is playing in the development of regulating all titleholders to be required to belong to a recognized professional association, and what that would mean to both financial advisors and consumers in Canada, visit Raise The Bar or watch ADVOCIS CEO, Greg Pollock, talk about the proposal on BNN.