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Tips and Traps with Life Insurance

life insurance

Tip: For many Canadians, life insurance is an important part of a sound financial plan. A life insurance policy is a legal contract between you and the life insurance company. While price may be important, understanding the actual terms and conditions of the contract are of the utmost importance. Tip: In simple terms, you agree to pay money in regular …

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How Much Money You Will Need To Retire

Lady With Pig

The 2013 Summer edition of MoneySense magazine offers a chart on how much money you will need to retire. Naturally, …

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Why You Should Consider Annuities


Annuities might be the best retirement product that few Canadians buy. This is surprising as they provide guaranteed income for …

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Understanding the Risks in Your Portfolio


It’s important for investors to understand that there are always risk factors involved with any type of investment. Understanding how …

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Should We All Just Work Longer?

work longer

I came across a very interesting article posted in Think Advisor by The Centre of Retirement Research at Boston College. …

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Which is Better, TFSA or RRSP? Part 2


Let’s consider the pros and cons of each investment saving option to help you decide the best way to invest …

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Which is Better, TFSA or RRSP? Part 1


This is a much debated subject when discussing investing. Both are great saving and investing options, but they come with …

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Get Ready to Retire


When people start to think about when to retire, all kind of images can come to mind. Long holidays, days …

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How Much Will You Need to Retire Comfortably?

retire comfortably

Up until recently, $1 million was considered to be the gold standard for retirement savings. These days, depending on where …

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Joint Last-to-Die Insurance Policies

Joint last- to- die insurance

Spouses usually share a bank account, a home, or even a business. How about sharing an insurance policy? There are …

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New Year Financial Resolutions

financial resolutions

At the start of each New Year, many Canadians ponder their goals. With the average Canadian’s debt to income ratio …

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Insurance Can Provide Security and Opportunity


I have been the beneficiary of two life insurance policy payouts in my lifetime. One was while I was a …

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Protect Yourself from Mortgage Fraud

mortgage fraud

As home prices spike across Canada the instances of mortgage fraud are on the rise. So what do you need …

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Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut!


Two dictionary definitions of a rut are: 1) A long deep track made by the repeated passage of wheels on …

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2017 Corporate Tax Strategies

tax strategies

This summer saw a raft of proposed tax changes that created an unprecedented uproar from small business owners, professionals and …

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‘Tis the Season for Charitable Gifting

charitable gifting

 As the Christmas season fast approaches, many of us are considering charitable gifting. Giving to charity can be a great …

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Retirement Strategies for Seniors

retirement strategies

As we approach the end of 2017 it seems timely to review some insurance, investment and income options for seniors, …

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Looking for Returns in today’s Low Yield World?


At an Investment Forum I attended in October, several speakers commented on the need for people to temper their expectations …

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Are you up to the task of being an executor?


From time to time clients ask me if I would be willing to act as the executor of their estate, …

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Will I run out of my Savings?


The 4% withdrawal rate has long been the recommended withdrawal rate from investment savings for people in retirement. Based on …

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Will You Need to Work Past 65?

work past 65

Will You Need to Work Past 65? Imagine working into retirement because you thought you had to because you didn’t …

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My Thoughts on the Liberal’s Proposed Tax Changes

tax changes

I have spent considerable time reading through the draconian proposed tax changes and can only reach one conclusion; the current …

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