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Why Farmers Need Life Insurance

Red Barn1

Farming is Dangerous Business Farm Credit Canada, Canada’s leading agricultural lender, has produced a thought-provoking video about why farmers need …

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Back To Basics with Life Insurance

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Discussing life insurance requires a conversation most people would rather avoid. No one likes to consider their premature demise, but …

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Tips and Traps About Income-Splitting for Seniors

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Retirees can split income between the higher and lower income earning spouses. Some income splitting can be done on the …

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Tax Time Credits

personal tax credits

This may be a little late in coming but is a handy resource to file away for next year. LifestyleCalculators …

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Beware the Retirement Risk Zone!

retirement risk zone

The biggest fear for many Canadians in or near retirement is outliving their savings. This is followed by the fear …

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Keeping Good Employees In A Competitive Labour Market

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The latest Canadian jobs report shows that over 90% of new jobs created last year were in Alberta. Fueled primarily …

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Depreciation and Insurance

This sobering infographic shows how quickly a new car loses value and gives food for thought about depreciation and insurance: …

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Understanding a Holding Company

Downtown Business

If you’re currently incorporated, operate more than one type of business or farm, there may be important benefits to understanding …

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Peter Boys Support for Advocis

Peter Boys active with Advocis

Being heavily involved in Advocis’ “Raise The Bar” initiative has gained Boys Financial Services a level of notoriety in the …

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Farming Is Big Business


This article is hosted on CAFA’s website but doesn’t load consistently in all browsers so we re-published it here for your …

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The Challenging World Facing Generation-Y


Generation-Y is an interesting topic for me, especially being the father of a member of this group born between the …

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Financial Advisor Checklist

In Boardroom2

We strive to keep up-to-date with client portfolios throughout the year, which involves making the effort to discover changing priorities, …

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Life Is What Happens When

Calculating Money

Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans – John Lennon That famous quote by John Lennon …

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Prepare for Rising Interest Rates

Going Up1

The Governor of the Bank of Canada expects low interest rates will be here well into 2015, and notes that …

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Debt Is a Low Priority

Drowning Piggy

For many Canadians, debt is a low priority and tends to viewed simply as monthly payments. Interest rates have been …

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5 Simple Rules to Financial Success

Many Pigs

I’ve just finished reading Preet Banerjee’s new book “Stop Over-Thinking Your Money.”  I was very impressed with these simple and …

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You’re Richer Than You Think – Not!


Every time I see the, “You’re richer than you think” ad I get mad, because it’s a blatant misstatement of …

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Financial Literacy with Gail Vaz-Oxlade

Financial Literacy

Not only is Gail Vaz-Oxlade a renown author, television host, and public speaker, but she also works to help educate …

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