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Is Retirement Planning a Waste of Time?

Financial Plan1

Peter Drake, the vice-president of retirement & economic research for Fidelity Investments has found that only a fraction of people …

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Financial Advisors Could Take Some Lessons From Willie Sutton

Sutton's Law for financial advisors

I read an interesting article the other day that suggested that financial advisors could take some lessons from Willie Sutton, …

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Some Comments on Reviewing Existing Life Insurance Policies


  I have had the opportunity to review numerous life insurance policies bought in by people asking for my opinion …

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The Cost of Retirement

Next Exit

  Financial Advisor magazine has a helpful look at planning for the cost of retirement, acknowledging the many moving parts …

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The Realities of Succession Planning

Harvestjpg’s Jen Jenkins shares her experience with taking over the family ranch — an insightful and personal look into …

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The Value of Advice From A Financial Coach

Key To Success

  Peter has held the title of a “Financial Coach” since 1997, a term that Mackenzie Financial plugs when advocating …

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Financial Coach Checklist

In Living Room

The following brief checklists were composed as a supplement to our Value of Advice From A Financial Coach post – …

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Raising The Bar For Financial Advisors

Million Dollar Round Table member

  Millions of Canadians rely on financial advisors to provide them with sound advice and access to suitable financial products …

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Is Critical Illness Insurance Really Necessary?

Doctor And Pig1

  For those lucky employees that enjoy a “Health Spending Account” through work, it’s reassuring to know that your needs …

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Understanding Death, Life Insurance, and Underwriting


“In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes,” A famous quote by Benjamin Franklin in 1789.  As I …

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Our Biggest Financial Asset – Ourselves!

Raining Money1

Our ability to earn an income is usually our biggest asset, more valuable than our home or other investments.  This …

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RRSPs Aren’t For Everyone

RRSPs aren't for everyone

As a follow-up to our previous post about Preet Banjeree asking whether seniors were better off investing in RRSPs or …

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Seniors May Be Better Off Investing in TFSAs Than RRSPs


  Preet Banerjee, Host of Million Dollar Neighbourhood and Globe & Mail columnist, briefly explains in black and white why …

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12 TFSA Considerations for Canadians


In the spirit of making last-minute financial plans, here is a bullet list of 12 TFSA considerations for Canadians. While …

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RRSP Tip #3: Preparing For A Comfortable Retirement

Ideally, maximizing your savings pool is a lifelong task, despite the fact that many Canadians are financially short-sighted. Statistics Canada …

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RRSP Tip #2: Spousal RRSPs

Spousal RRSPs are a good opportunity to take advantage of Canada’s graduated income tax system for equalizing retirement income between …

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RRSP Tip #1: RRSP Contributions

rrsp contributions

This post isn’t as much a “tip” as a brief primer on earned income. RRSP contributions are based in part …

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Five truths about RRSPs

RRSPs aren't for everyone

This post is a condensed version of the article published in the February/March 2013 issue of MoneySense ( Fewer  Canadians …

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We’re Our Own Worst Enemies of Wealth Creation

Buy Low Sell High1

The market crash of 2008 had a lasting impact on investors, resulting in a mass movement out of equities, and …

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Case Study: First Client Visit

Computer And Book

When prospective clients approach me for some help with their finances, we go through a discovery process to give me …

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