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Some thoughts on investing into 2015

Stock Market1

Attending a Manulife investment conference recently, I came away with investing information I feel is helpful in countering the barrage …

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Understanding Life Insurance Beneficiaries

New Baby1

When purchasing a life insurance policy, whether for family protection or estate planning, an integral part of the process is …

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Start The Succession Planning Conversation

Filling Dads Shoes1

Recent studies by government and financial companies indicate over 70% of Canadian farmers and small business owners will undergo succession …

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Succession Planning – Do the Tough Things Right

Do the Tough Things Right… How to Prevent Communication Disasters in Family Business Do the Tough Things Right…how to prevent …

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Farm Succession Planning – In-Law Factor

Mini Book Cover3

Farming’s In-Law Factor… How to Have More Harmony and Less Conflict on Family Farms Every farm teams wants harmony on …

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Your Will: Legacy or Disaster

What Will You Leave Behind1

I have commented before on the folly of having wills that are out of date, or worse yet, having no …

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Another Reason for a Succession Plan

Old Barn1

Watch this video with Dr. David Kohl discussing the new issues arising with lenders. Lenders are starting to include transition …

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Willing Wisdom

Grandma Holding Babys Hand1

Willing Wisdom – 7 Questions to Ask Before You Die by Thomas William Deans speaks on how you leave your …

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Why We Need Life Insurance


Life insurance can’t change unfortunate circumstances, but it can soften the blow and give your family time to heal when …

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Are you living paycheque to paycheque?

Empty Pockets1

A recent survey taken of thousands of Canadian employees found that just over half would have difficulty paying their monthly …

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Common Myths about Life Insurance

Knowledge Is Power1

Our ultimate mortality is an issue that many of us don’t care to face up to, and any discussion about …

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Farmers and Retirement- Will You Get to Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labour?

Couple In Winter1

In the 44 years I’ve had the good fortune of working with farm families discussing farmers and retirement, I’ve found …

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Cash Flow Problems?

Stressed Lady1

In today’s hectic world, I’m finding a concern across all age and income levels is managing day-to-day cash flow. Many …

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Critical Illness – A Greater Risk than Dying?

Sick Dog1

A healthy 35 year-old male has a significantly greater risk of suffering a disability or critical illness prior to age …

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Taxation Changes Will Dramatically Impact Some Canadians

Caution Sign1

Proposed taxation changes to how CRA will tax prescribed annuities are hidden in other changes planned for life insurance products. …

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You can be lucky – it just takes Hard Work and Perseverance!

Wheat 4

People often tell me that I must have been lucky to get to where I’m at in life, to which …

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Creditor Insurance

The Forgotten Bench By Forestina Fotos D5qfb3o1

My recent article regarding creditor insurance has brought out a lot of interesting questions that I thought that I would …

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Joint Life Insurance Coverage

On Bench1

When meeting young couples for the first time, I commonly find some who have purchased a joint life insurance policy …

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Why You Need Critical Illness Coverage

Couple With Doctor

Though most Canadians understand the need for life insurance, they often don’t understand the need of critical illness coverage. The …

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