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Do you have a Written Estate Plan?

estate plan

No one likes to think about their own mortality, but designing a proper estate plan can help to lessen the …

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Why You Should Talk to Your Children about Their Inheritance


When working with successful farm and small business families I find that there’s a general reluctance to talk around any …

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Tax Changes that will Impact Insurance Products

tax changes

As our Federal and Provincial Governments go further and further in debt, so does their need to squeeze ever more …

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Don’t Let Sickness or Disability Sideline Your Finances!


Today young and healthy Canadians might want to consider owning critical illness and disability insurance ahead of life insurance. But …

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Don’t Get Locked Into Conventional Mortgages!

conventional mortgage

When making a deposit at my local bank I could not help but notice their latest offering on their bank …

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Risk Management for Farmers and Small Business Owners

risk management

When it comes to risk management farmers and small business owners understand the value of life insurance and the need …

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Farm Succession Planning, Keep the Conversation Going

farm succession

Developing farm management skills, similar to an exercise program, pays big benefits, but it’s also easy to slough off for …

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Is Your Insurance Policy an Abandoned Orphan?


There are many life insurance policies out there that people purchased years ago, but the agent who they bought it …

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Three Phases of Retirement

three phases of retirement

We tend to think of retirement as one continuous lifetime event. After forty or so years of working, we have …

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Millennials and Insurance

millennials and insurance

Most 20 and 30 somethings may not think a lot about insurance.  If you are young, healthy and low on …

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Canadians are Unprepared for Retirement! Are You?

unprepared for retirement

I am very concerned about the findings of the most recent financial wellness survey published by Manulife Financial. Canadians are …

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Why Critical Illness and Disability Coverage?


Most of us understand the importance of life insurance: to look after your loved ones by replacing your lost income …

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Canada’s 2017 Budget Comments & Highlights

canada's 2017 budget

Canada’s 2017 budget is designed to cool some of the anxiety and anger that many ordinary Canadians have been expressing …

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The Best Time to Buy Life Insurance is When You Don’t Need it!

buy life insurance

  One of the biggest mistakes people make is putting off the decision to buy life insurance. As a young …

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Where to Look for Investment Growth

investment growth

Since the election of Donald Trump in November, U.S. stocks have surged to all-time highs, and the S&P/TSX Composite index …

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Successfully Completing the Farm Transfer

farm transfer

First and foremost, start by talking about it now!  Not tomorrow, not next week or year, right now. The earlier …

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Protect Yourself from Scams, Hacks and Identity Fraud


A recent family holiday at Big White Ski Hill reminded me about the need to have a better handle on …

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A Winter Project for Farm & Business Families

winter project

A Winter Project for Farm & Business Families Before the days lengthen out and the weather warms up, now may …

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Life Insurance is an Asset not an Expense

life insurance

  For farm families and small businesses there are multiple benefits of using life insurance as an asset class to …

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RRSPs, TFSAs and Overall Investing


As we approach the crazy RRSP rush deadline for another year I can’t help but wonder why so many investors …

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