Debt/Credit Problems

Debt/Credit Problems

What We Do

Our role is to advise potential clients about insurance and investment options, based on the financial information that they share with us.  If you are looking to improve or secure your existing financial assets, we should talk.

We also understand that life can throw curve balls from time to time.  Often, this means starting over or looking for options to help prevent drastic financial loss.

Unfortunately, we aren’t trained to provide financial counseling for debt/credit problems, so we refer you to the following DIY resources:

DIY Resources

Local Professional Help

In the event that you have immediate questions that require a personal conversation with an experienced professional, we have a discreet working relationship with MNP (Meyers Norris Penny) consultants from Red Deer, who operate out of our office by appointment, and we encourage you to contact them with your questions.

As tax and accounting specialists, they also have a Debt Solutions department and can personally explain and walk you through all of your options (listed above).

NOTE: Boys Financial Services is in no way compensated for any of the referrals mentioned above.