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What to Include in Your Estate Planning Checklist


As we age, so grows the importance and urgency of having an estate planning checklist every passing year. None of …

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Why a Valid and Current Will is Essential


We live in a complicated and litigious world, so it’s essential to have a will and to keep it current. …

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Is there part of your estate you want to keep private?


It can be difficult to find estate planning solutions that are suitable for the complexities of blended families. Consider a …

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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Blended Families Finances

blended family

Blended families represent 12% of families with children in Canada. Many of these face financial and estate planning challenges, which …

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Having “the talk” with your adult children


Fidelity Investments recently interviewed a significant number of families who had a parent over age 55 and an adult child …

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Challenges for Executors Today


Every day over a thousand Canadians turn 65. 70% don’t have current or valid wills, and 45% have not given …

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Keeping the Cottage in the Family


Owning a cottage provides a getaway, a place where friends and family can gather far from the hustle and bustle …

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Have Life Changes Impacted Your Estate Plan?

estate plan

I can’t stress the important of reviewing your estate plan on a regular basis, especially after any changes to your …

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Estate Planning With The Impact of Increasing Land Values

estate planning

The latest Farm Credit farm land values report shows that Alberta had the 2nd largest increase of any province in …

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Watch For These Estate Planning Tax Issues

estate planning

  Many of us ditch our tax records after seven years not understanding this could cause tax issues in the …

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Are You Planning on Leaving an Estate? Part 2

estate planning

Continuing from last week, here are some more points to consider to avoid stress and conflict when planning to leave …

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Are You Planning on Leaving an Estate? Part 1

estate planning

Leaving an inheritance to one’s heirs can make a significant difference to their financial well-being. But when money is involved, …

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The Minefield of Executor Liability

executor liability

Most people usually only act as an executor of an estate once in a lifetime. This means that there are …

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What value is financial advice?


It all starts with a consultation: Financial advice can assist you, whether your goal is to reduce debt, buy a …

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Do you have a power of attorney


Power of attorney (POA) gives someone else the authority to make important financial decisions on your behalf. Here’s why you …

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Case Study – Estate Conservation

Chess And Will

This was an interesting client case for estate conservation and estate growth that I started working on 15 years ago …

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Charitable Gifting Opportunities


Government funding to the more than 75,000 registered charities in Canada continues to be dramatically reduced. This leaves many charities …

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Your Will: Legacy or Disaster

What Will You Leave Behind1

I have commented before on the folly of having wills that are out of date, or worse yet, having no …

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Willing Wisdom

Grandma Holding Babys Hand1

Willing Wisdom – 7 Questions to Ask Before You Die by Thomas William Deans speaks on how you leave your …

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Dependents and Estate Planning

Written Concept1

Considering adult dependents and estate planning together is not always a common occurrence in estate planning, but this case study …

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