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Insurance Protection for Single Parents, Housewives, Contract Workers and Farmers (Part 1)

insurance protection

For those of you who are the sole earner and provider for your family, you have to make every dollar …

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Insurance – Safeguarding Your Family’s Lifestyle


When you first started working you may not have given insurance a second thought. However, as you enter your peak …

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Tax Changes and Life Insurance

life insurance and taxes

Life insurance is an attractive tool for estate planning because the proceeds received at death are generally not taxable. If …

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Life Insurance – The Last Great Tax Shelter

life insurance

Much of what a financial advisor does is around tax deferral, tax minimization and replacing taxes on death for estate …

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Alberta’s Financial Benefit from Insurance

financial benefit

A common misconception people have about life, health and dental, critical illness, disability & long term care coverage is that …

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Life Insurance Can Multitask

Painted Hands

  Life Insurance can be integrated into a host of financial planning solutions for families, farms and small businesses. Below …

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5 Life Insurance Myths


When people talk about life insurance, it seems to cause a great deal of apprehension and confusion.  Unfortunately the common …

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The Importance of Regular Insurance Reviews

life insurance

I often get calls from people who have life insurance policies that they or their parents bought a number of …

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Defining Your Life Insurance Needs

Insurance Needs

There are many reasons and ways to buy life insurance and there are multiple product available. Yet why do an …

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Life Insurance and Ice Cream

Family Of Socks

A friend and respected life insurance guru, Jim Ruta, recently compared life insurance and ice cream; there are many fancy …

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Making the most of Life Insurance for Retirement

Life Poolicy

Declining interest rates have resulted in premium increases of around 10% for permanent life insurance products, as companies try to …

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Avoiding a Travel Insurance Nightmare

Vacation Time

We’ve seen the headlines recently about Canadians traveling abroad who find themselves stranded in a hospital, running up huge medical …

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How is life insurance priced

Life Insurance1

Life insurance premiums are based on many factors, but mainly on how long an insurance company believes a person will …

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Understanding Life Insurance Beneficiaries

New Baby1

When purchasing a life insurance policy, whether for family protection or estate planning, an integral part of the process is …

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Why We Need Life Insurance


Life insurance can’t change unfortunate circumstances, but it can soften the blow and give your family time to heal when …

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Common Myths about Life Insurance

Knowledge Is Power1

Our ultimate mortality is an issue that many of us don’t care to face up to, and any discussion about …

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Joint Life Insurance Coverage

On Bench1

When meeting young couples for the first time, I commonly find some who have purchased a joint life insurance policy …

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Life Insurance 101- The Basics

Insurance File2

Selecting the right type of insurance coverage is easier when you understand how the different types can work for you. …

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Canadians Are Buying Less Life Insurance

Hands Holdiong Family

Increasing life expectancy has us more concerned about outliving our money than dying prematurely. As a result, Canadians are buying …

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Life Insurance Is an Overlooked Asset Class

Couple 2608991

Most people think of it as a stand-alone risk product but, Life Insurance is an overlooked asset class. There are …

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