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Protect Yourself from Mortgage Fraud

mortgage fraud

As home prices spike across Canada the instances of mortgage fraud are on the rise. So what do you need …

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Mortgage Insurance – Understanding the Pitfalls

Mortgage Insurance

A recent meeting with a widowed lady reminded me that mortgage life insurance offered by banks is a big gamble. …

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Creditor Insurance

The Forgotten Bench By Forestina Fotos D5qfb3o1

My recent article regarding creditor insurance has brought out a lot of interesting questions that I thought that I would …

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Letter to Kevin Sorenson

  Kevin Sorenson – MLA Crowfoot, Minister of State (Finance)                                       July 28, 2014 Dear Kevin, I am passing along …

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Creditor Life Insurance – Value or Rip-off?


A death claim we handled for a client recently provided me with real evidence that creditor life insurance is a …

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Banking Solutions, The Way It Should Be


Tweet Everyone Has Unique Financial Needs One of the ways that we differentiate ourselves from other financial planners is to …

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CBC Marketplace – The Mortgage Insurance Game

If you think that your bank has your best interests at heart when they sell you mortgage insurance … think …

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Benefits Of Creditor Insurance

Are You Covered1

Make sure YOU benefit from the creditor insurance you’re paying for! I want to reinforce some things I’ve mentioned before …

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New Canadian Mortgage Rules

Luxury House1

Will the New Mortgage Rules impact you? The Federal Finance Minister announced that Canadian mortgage rules are changing in July.  …

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When Buying Insurance Is A Waste Of Money


If any of these scenarios describes your situation, do yourself a favor and check into the different types of personally-owned …

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