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Comparing Interest Rates

compare interest rates

These days, interest rates are still holding at a low and any of the financial articles you read do not speculate rates increasing anytime soon.  This is good news if you are needing to borrow money for a home or a car, but not if you are wanting to invest. Today we are not talking about investing for retirement, but …

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Protection from Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud

Surrounded By Sharks

Identity theft and credit card fraud is a growing industry in Canada, with almost a quarter of all Canadians having been impacted in some way by criminals looking for easy money. Outdoor ATMs are responsible for about 46% of all debit and credit card skimming.  A well disguised card reader over the regular card slot records your card’s magnetic strip …

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Interesting Conversations Regarding Banks

Older Bank

It’s interesting to recall the number of phone conversations, emails and people who have dropped by to discuss issues with their banks.  It makes for interesting conversations regarding banks.  Here are a few examples. The reason for this article is to get people thinking about their finances and to know there are many options available.  It’s up to all of …

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