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The Financial Impact Of An Unexpected Death

Wife Son1

Sitting down for a chat about your or your spouse’s impending death is a pretty morbid topic. Most couples can …

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Conquering the Debt Mountain

Man In Water1

Surprisingly, many people reaching middle age are finding themselves in the precarious position of conquering the debt mountain. In a …

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Life Insurance Is On Sale!


The life insurance landscape has changed drastically over the past 36 months.  One company has suspended the sale of permanent …

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Talk To Your Family About Your Will

Gavel Will1

Remember those movie reading of the will scenes?  The script is always the same; the survivors, still in their funeral …

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Convert Your RRSP to a RRIF


Baby Boomers, the cohort born between 1947 and 1966, are entering their retirement years.  The average retirement age in Canada …

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Back-to-Back Annuities – An Alternative Fixed Income Option, Part 2

Annuity 21

Yes – you can leave it all behind The insurance aspect of the back-to-back annuity works well for estate planning …

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Annuities – An Alternative Fixed Income Option, Part 1

Annuity 2

Set them up and leave them alone.  That’s the ‘plus’ for these low-risk and high-yield investments that provide a guaranteed …

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Financial Protection For Your Family

3 2 11

Life, Critical Illness, Disability Insurance, Or All Of The Above? As Canadians try to determine how to protect themselves and …

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When Should I Begin CPP Income?

My Pension Fund

One conundrum for people approaching age 60 is when they should start receiving Canada Pension Plan (CPP) payments. Like the …

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Charitable Gifting Tips and Ideas


With today’s government cutbacks, inflation, and rising costs squeezing the average Canadian, the result is that many charities are having …

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Myths around Death & Taxes

Tax Stress

Though none of us will avoid death or taxes, many of us will be living much longer than Canadians did …

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New Retirement Risks

Breaking The Bank1

We are in a new and uncharted financial era.  More than ever we need to identify the level of retirement …

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TFSA, RRSP, or a life insurance policy?


Should I invest in TFSAs, RRSPs, or a life insurance policy? This is a question I was recently asked by …

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Who Gets The Family Farm/Business..?

Holding Grandpas Hand

It’s time for “The Talk” It’s been my experience that people seem to think they’re going to live forever, and …

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Estate Planning Checklist – Part 2


Ownership, beneficiary designations and Trusts Business planning Foreign considerations One common issue that I run across is lack of understanding …

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Estate Planning Checklist – Part 1


Having an estate plan is essential if you want to effectively manage, maintain and transfer one’s wealth to future generations. …

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Low Interest Rates – The Good and The Bad

House With Rates Falling1

Today’s current low interest rates are a boon to borrowers but a problem for seniors or others relying on interest …

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New Canadian Mortgage Rules

Luxury House1

Will the New Mortgage Rules impact you? The Federal Finance Minister announced that Canadian mortgage rules are changing in July.  …

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Helping Farm Families & Small Business Owners

Team Work

How small businesses benefit from professional advisors Looking back on some 42 years of observations from both sides of the …

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Retirement Challenges in 2012

Ready Set Retire

Unforeseen events may present retirement challenges for baby boomers The time-honored retirement strategies planers have historically used are now being …

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