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Retirement Income and Low Interest Rates

Pig And Percent

Low interest rates are hurting retirees trying to generate sufficient income from their savings to cover their living expenses. But …

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Tips and Traps About Income-Splitting for Seniors

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Retirees can split income between the higher and lower income earning spouses. Some income splitting can be done on the …

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Beware the Retirement Risk Zone!

retirement risk zone

The biggest fear for many Canadians in or near retirement is outliving their savings. This is followed by the fear …

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When To Apply for CPP?

Digital Retirement Plan

I’m often asked when to apply for CPP as there is a lot of confusion as to the best time.  …

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The Math Behind A Successful Retirement

Whats Your Plan

One of the perks of holding various industry-related memberships is the luxury of gaining access to proprietary interviews with influencers.  …

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Baby Boomers See Half A Million Retirement Shortfall


Canada’s baby boomers are starting to realize they don’t have enough saved for retirement  to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. A …

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Boomer’s #1 Concern Facing Retirement


  We’re living longer than ever, and the prospect of decades spent in old age is keeping some baby boomers …

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Saving and Planning for Retirement

Retirement Plan

When working with clients, we’ve found that families paying off school debts etc. are very real reasons Canadians have difficulty …

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How Much Money You Will Need To Retire

Lady With Pig

The 2013 Summer edition of MoneySense magazine offers a chart on how much money you will need to retire. Naturally, …

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Turn Your Retirement Dreams into Reality!

Couple On Beach1

Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to. That’s a profound statement by Harry Emerson Fosdick, who was …

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Income Opportunities For Seniors

Hand In Hand1

  (This article was originally published in the Stettler Weekender, January 2012) With savings accounts and GIC rates near historic …

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Are You Living on Income or Cash Flow?

Retirement This Way

  Ask any retiree what they want from their investments, and they’re likely to give the same answer; income.  That …

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Filling the Retirement Income Gap


Most people would prefer to retire sooner than later, but uncertainties have made ‘later’ more of a reality today than …

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Is Retirement Planning a Waste of Time?

Financial Plan1

Peter Drake, the vice-president of retirement & economic research for Fidelity Investments has found that only a fraction of people …

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The Cost of Retirement

Next Exit

  Financial Advisor magazine has a helpful look at planning for the cost of retirement, acknowledging the many moving parts …

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RRSPs Aren’t For Everyone

RRSPs aren't for everyone

As a follow-up to our previous post about Preet Banjeree asking whether seniors were better off investing in RRSPs or …

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Seniors May Be Better Off Investing in TFSAs Than RRSPs


  Preet Banerjee, Host of Million Dollar Neighbourhood and Globe & Mail columnist, briefly explains in black and white why …

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RRSP Tip #3: Preparing For A Comfortable Retirement

Ideally, maximizing your savings pool is a lifelong task, despite the fact that many Canadians are financially short-sighted. Statistics Canada …

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RRSP Tip #2: Spousal RRSPs

Spousal RRSPs are a good opportunity to take advantage of Canada’s graduated income tax system for equalizing retirement income between …

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RRSP Tip #1: RRSP Contributions

rrsp contributions

This post isn’t as much a “tip” as a brief primer on earned income. RRSP contributions are based in part …

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