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Are Small Businesses Confused With Employee Benefit Rules?


  When your business hires individuals and pays them salary, bonuses or commissions and provides employee benefits, you become an …

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Is Your Small Business on the Right Side of the Law?

small business

There’s much more to setting up a small business than meets the eye. From permits to laws that govern employees, …

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Health Tips for Small Businesses

Business Insurance

Having been involved as a partner in a farm equipment dealership in Grande Prairie for 11 years, I am very …

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You can be lucky – it just takes Hard Work and Perseverance!

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People often tell me that I must have been lucky to get to where I’m at in life, to which …

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Small Business Contingency Plan

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Sometimes we as financial advisors have to ask tough hypothetical questions to reveal deficiencies in a small businesses contingency plan. …

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Keeping Good Employees In A Competitive Labour Market

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The latest Canadian jobs report shows that over 90% of new jobs created last year were in Alberta. Fueled primarily …

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Understanding a Holding Company

Downtown Business

If you’re currently incorporated, operate more than one type of business or farm, there may be important benefits to understanding …

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The Right Business Structure

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According to statistics, There are almost 100,000 small businesses startups every year, and Companies with fewer than 100 employees make …

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Is Business Overhead Expense Insurance Your Missing Coverage?

Old Business

  Entrepreneurs understand that life insurance can help cover both current and future financial risks to our family, business partners, …

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When Business Partners Need a Shareholders Agreement, Part 2

Buy Sell Agreement1

As I discussed last week (Shareholders Agreement, Part 1), having a properly structured shareholders agreement provides a company with a …

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When Business Partners Need a Shareholders Agreement, Part 1


Planning is essential to the success of any business.  Many owners have well-written plans for operating their businesses, but very …

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Attracting and Retaining Employees Through Savings Plans

Open Sign

A recent survey of Canadian workers by pension consulting firm Towers Watson found that economic uncertainty is fueling fears among …

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Helping Farm Families & Small Business Owners

Team Work

How small businesses benefit from professional advisors Looking back on some 42 years of observations from both sides of the …

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