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Why Business Owners Need a Succession Plan

succession plan

It is never too early to have a succession plan in place to ensure the continuity or smooth transfer of …

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What is Financial Advice Worth?

financial advice

With 47 years of business and life experience to draw on and 21 of that in the financial advice business, …

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Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut!


Two dictionary definitions of a rut are: 1) A long deep track made by the repeated passage of wheels on …

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Managing Risk with Today’s Farm Values

managing risk

I covered this topic 10 years ago and since then, farm land in central Alberta has tripled in value and …

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The Value of a Team Approach to Financial Planning!

team approach

It seems that today many families, farms and small businesses deal with a wide range of professionals for advice on …

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Should you Incorporate Your Farm?


Operating any successful farm depends on having smart, strategic thinking people, no matter what the farm structure. Incorporating your farm …

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Farm Succession Planning, Keep the Conversation Going

farm succession

Developing farm management skills, similar to an exercise program, pays big benefits, but it’s also easy to slough off for …

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Successfully Completing the Farm Transfer

farm transfer

First and foremost, start by talking about it now!  Not tomorrow, not next week or year, right now. The earlier …

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A Winter Project for Farm & Business Families

winter project

A Winter Project for Farm & Business Families Before the days lengthen out and the weather warms up, now may …

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Why The Urgent Need to Plan for Your Wealth Transfer

wealth transfer

We spend a lifetime building our wealth, but we don’t always put the same amount of time and effort into …

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Is it Time for Your Farm Sale or Succession Talk?

succession planning

At a seminar we held in Stettler recently, several farm families came to learn about the solutions we come up …

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Succession Planning, A Good Winter Project for Farm & Business Families

succession planning

With the crop in the bins, fall work completed and the fall run of cattle leveling off, this winter might …

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Planning to Sell or Transition Your Farm or Small Business in The Near Future?

Farm Couple

The aging of our farm or small business owners in Alberta highlight the urgent need for many to get started …

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Succession Planning for Farms and Small Business

succession plannng

Current statistics and the number of baby boomers reaching retirement age indicate that a large number of farms and small …

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Successfully Transitioning Your Family Farm

Pumpkin Patch

Over the past 17 years, I have worked with a wide variety of farm families to help them through the …

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So God Made a Farmer


Enjoyed this commercial by Dodge called “So God made a farmer”.

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Succession Planning of the Farm


Succession planning is not always the first priority for today’s aging generation of farmers in the developed world, as they …

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Start The Succession Planning Conversation

Filling Dads Shoes1

Recent studies by government and financial companies indicate over 70% of Canadian farmers and small business owners will undergo succession …

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Succession Planning – Do the Tough Things Right

Do the Tough Things Right… How to Prevent Communication Disasters in Family Business Do the Tough Things Right…how to prevent …

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Farm Succession Planning – In-Law Factor

Mini Book Cover3

Farming’s In-Law Factor… How to Have More Harmony and Less Conflict on Family Farms Every farm teams wants harmony on …

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