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The Challenges that Face Financial Regulators

financial regulators

Financial regulators have an impossible task. When someone decides that the method of determining the suitability of a product or service to an investor is no longer of adequate standard, they have to search for something more precise. Unfortunately there is no simple or practical way to define suitability. Consider the following: Few of us know what our own best …

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Things to Consider When Getting Financial Advice

finacial advice

A recent article by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) highlighted their concerns that some financial advisors are not gathering adequate information about their clients, and some are making inappropriate use of client testimonials. The regulator also has concerns about the quality of financial advice being offered to seniors and other vulnerable investors. Although the OSC addresses advisors, these issues are …

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Is your bank the right “advisor” for you?

Think Ouside The Box

It is time for you to start looking for the right advisor for you. Almost every week I hear about peoples’ frustrations with the way they are being treated at their banks. Their issues range from the constant phone calls trying to sell them another credit card or line of credit, to tellers pushing the flavour of the month on …

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Understanding Investment Costs


Advisor Transparency

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The Future of Good Financial Advice

Planning Next Move

The sub-prime mortgage meltdown in 2008 impacted every aspect of the financial services industry and almost brought the world’s banking system to its knees.  As a result, regulators in every country including Canada are mandating draconian new compliance requirements, threatening the future of good financial advice. Take Great Britain.  Previously, financial advisers selling regulated products could choose to earn their …

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The Value of Advice From A Financial Coach

Key To Success

  Peter has held the title of a “Financial Coach” since 1997, a term that Mackenzie Financial plugs when advocating the value of financial advice. Think of your advisor as your financial coach. To reinforce the impact that a knowledgeable financial coach can have on an individual, Mackenzie Investments also explored the significance that financial advice has on the Canadian …

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Financial Coach Checklist

In Living Room

The following brief checklists were composed as a supplement to our Value of Advice From A Financial Coach post – nothing elaborate, but a good starting point to consider when searching for your own Financial Coach.  Interview Your Financial Coach Questions to ask when your advisor recommends an investment  Questions to ask the advisor’s current clients: Finally, we thought the …

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Raising The Bar For Financial Advisors

Million Dollar Round Table member

  Millions of Canadians rely on financial advisors to provide them with sound advice and access to suitable financial products and services.  Unfortunately, integrity is not a trait commonly practiced in the financial services industry, making the effort of raising the bar for financial advisors a challenging priority for industry watchdogs. ADVOCIS’ solution is to regulate the title, “Financial Advisor” and …

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