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Financial-Related Recommended Reading

Financial-related recommended reading material for anyone sharing an interest in wealth management


Preet Banerjee is the kind of financial evangelist that can take 5 simple rules and turn them into a bonafide PLAN.  All you have to do is follow it.  In his latest book, Stop Over-Thinking Your Money!: The Five Simple Rules of Financial Success, he walks you through some painfully obvious tactics that are as entertaining as they are freeing.  If you can’t get enough of Preet, or are too mobile to enjoy a stationary read, you can always find him on iTunes.  Whatever version you prefer, he’s a very good source of financial guru-ness.

If you are frustrated with the amount of tax that you’re paying and are looking for ways to reduce it, 15 Secrets The Taxman Doesn’t Want you to Know provides you with suggestions on how to legally reduce the amount of income tax you are having to pay while simultaneously building your savings.

Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide To Money is a great (and thorough) course to learn about money management, dealing with debt, self-discipline, insurance considerations, real estate and mortgages, retirement and college planning, the importance of positive cash flow, and last but not least, giving.  An entertaining and valuable read.

Millions of Canadians are covered by pension plans in one form or another — whether that’s CPP, a company plan, or personal RRSPs. But pensions are the least understood benefit by employees, regarded as confusing and complex. The Pension Puzzle has become the definitive book on the subject of financial security in retirement. The Pension Puzzle is not just for people about to retire. It’s an “owner’s manual” for every working Canadian with a pension plan who needs to make decisions about their pension plan and how it affects their financial future.

In Every Family’s Business, Tom presents 12 common sense questions to start a conversation among family members with the view of protecting wealth and relationships. When a business owner dies and gifts their shares to a surviving spouse or children without having a detailed conversation about who will own what and how, family discord and wealth destruction are inevitable. Struggle, risk, failure, and adapting to change are business qualities that are often ignored during business succession, contributing to a 70% fail rate of businesses that fail when passed to the second generation.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s step-by-step guide in Debt-Free Forever shows you how to figure out how much you’ve actually been spending; calculate how much you owe and what it ‘s costing you; build a budget that works; maximize your debt repayments so you can be free of consumer debt in 3 years or less; prepare for a rainy day so it doesn’t mean a major setback; and set goals for a debt-free life. Getting out of debt isn’t easy but in “Debt-Free Forever,” Gail gives you a clear strategy and the steps needed to implement it.

In Real Life Financial Planning, you will learn how to prioritize your many competing financial decisions and manage your complex financial life, resulting in a stress-free financial plan. Author Todd Bramson writes from the 20+ years working directly with individuals, customizing their financial plans and addressing their specific questions. He addresses real life issues (anticipated and unforeseen) and stresses the importance of working with a trained professional to develop and implement a financial plan that meets personal goals and objectives. There is an amazing amount of practical advice packed into this book.

With tips, tricks and ideas that range from long-term savings to instant cash in your pocket, 397 Ways to Save Money makes living within a budget easy and fun. Written by an everyday Canadian whose frugal ways have saved her thousands, this accessible guide offers saving savvy that you don’ t need to be a financial planner to understand. By looking in every corner of the kitchen to the closet, and by considering the needs of your toddler to your dog, you will find thousands of dollars in savings without changing your lifestyle.

In Rich Is A State Of Mind, Robert Gignac presents basic financial principles in the form of a novel. It teaches about combining dreaming and planning, changing life circumstances, and the practicality of financial planning. It’s not so much about becoming rich as it about prioritizing financial goals. As the book’s main character Richard Jarvis said “rich isn’t something that you have, it’s something that you become in the process and it has nothing to do with money.” An interesting read with some poignant principles.

American corporations now lose as much as $300 billion a year to hacking, cracking, physical security breaches, and other criminal activity. Millions of people a year have their identities stolen or fall victim to other scams. In Spies Among Us, Ira Winkler reveals his security secrets, disclosing how companies and individuals can protect themselves from even the most diabolical criminals. He goes into the mindset of everyone from small-time hackers to foreign intelligence agencies to disclose cost-effective countermeasures for all types of attacks.

When you will with wisdom, it’s wisdom that you will – this is your greatest gift. Willing Wisdom by Thomas William Deans Ph.D. offers readers an inspiring and thought-provoking new approach to writing a Will and living a purposeful life.