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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Are We
& What We Do

Who Are We?

Boys Financial Services is a Stettler, Alberta based full financial services provider. We also have an office in Forestburg, Alberta where Peter meets with clients on Wednesday afternoons.

What We Do?

    • We offer a wide range of financial planning, risk management, income modeling and estate planning services
    • We broker multiple lines of life, disability, critical illness, long term care and health & dental coverage
    • We offer a wide range of investment options suitable for all life stages and risk tolerances
    • We partner with legal and accounting firms to ensure tax and legal compliance, and other specialized professionals with advanced cases.

Mission Statement

Having satisfied clients is our primary business goal. The work that we do is always with our client’s best interest at heart. Our reputation is everything, and to this end we will ensure that even the smallest details are not overlooked.

Privacy & Document Retention

We hold great respect for your privacy and security. We understand that you live in a small and close knit community, where privacy is of utmost importance. We have strict office procedures to ensure that no discussions or information you have shared goes beyond this office without your written permission.

All documents are stored electronically and backed up offsite using industry standard security. Once the need to retain a paper copy is no longer needed it is sent to head office or destroyed.

Once a file becomes inactive, we may retain some of the information for up to seven years.

Privacy Policy (Website)

Please read our online privacy policy here.

How We Get Paid

We get paid the following ways:

  1. If our clients decide to implement the concepts that we propose, and in turn buy the products and services provided by segregated fund companies, life insurance companies, or banks that we represent, we get paid by way of commissions.
  2. We get paid small annual renewals to help us provide on-going service to clients as-needed.
  3. From time to time, we may also be eligible for additional compensation such as bonuses, or non-monetary benefits such as travel incentives.
  4. We have official referral arrangements with companies who pay us a referral fee. See “Referral Arrangements” below.

If our clients find that we have brought value to the table, and they know of other people with similar needs, then all we ask is that they recommend the work we do.

Our Fiduciary Responsibilities

We complete an Investor Profile Questionnaire with each client to ensure that our investment recommendations are appropriate and to protect both ourselves and our clients.

Similar responsibilities as a Life Insurance Agent require us to fill out a Life Insurance Replacement Declaration to ensure that any new policy replacing an existing one is in our client’s best interest.

We are committed to on-going education, and attend seminars and sessions above and beyond those required to maintain our licenses.

Products We Offer

High-Interest savings accounts, Mortgages (domestic & commercial), and other lending products via referral

Life, Critical Illness, Disability, Travel, Health & Dental, Long-Term Care

GICs, GIF, GMWBs, guaranteed retirement income, Private Health Services Plans (PHSPs)

Benefits Of Our Services

We work with clients to protect their wealth, health and lifestyles. We offer innovative and affordable solutions, using an educational process that is not about selling. We show our clients how to get out of debt and build net worth sooner, while ensuring they have options when unplanned events happen.

We attend conferences and seminars to keep up to date on the ever changing aspects of our business. This ensures that we provide the most current and best advice for our clients. We have automated our office processes for fast and efficient handling of paperwork, saving time for everyone.

Companies We Represent

At present, we have contracts with the following companies:

AIG Life
Canada Life
Equitable Life
Industrial Alliance Life
Manulife Financial
Standard Life
TransAmerica Life
Alberta Blue Cross
Custom Care PHSP
Great West Life
Manulife Bank
PPI Solutions (Edm) Inc.
Sun Life
Unity Life
Assumption Life
Empire Life
Hub Financial
Manulife Financial
RBC Insurance
The Edge Benefits

No insurance company, Seg Fund company, or MGA holds any ownership interest in our business, nor do we hold an interest in any company.

Referral Arrangements

We work jointly with Grant Thornton, MNP (chartered accounting firms), and Farm Credit Canada, as required for the benefit of our clients.  We are not paid for these referrals.

We have official referral arrangements and are paid referral fees from Manulife Bank, Walton Capital Management Inc., and Cardinal Capital Management Inc. We may set up referral arrangements with other companies from time to time. People who are referred in these arrangements may or may not be mutual clients of ours. We do not collect or retain any personal information when referring people who are not our clients to these third-party referral companies.

Relationships With Companies

No insurance company, Fund Company or MGA holds any ownership interest in our business, nor do we hold an interest in any insurance company.


The Consultative Process

The Discovery Process

For in-depth analysis we need such things as tax returns, net worth statements, copies of existing policies, and current investment information, working if needed with their legal and accounting advisors, to implement those concepts most suitable for their needs. We work from Document – this means that we expect accurate documented information from clients. In turn we’ll provide an on-going written review (Discovery Letter) of our understanding of each client’s unique situation and needs.

We work with a team of other professionals available from our life insurance companies for the more complex and involved cases. We review the process with our clients on a regular basis, and fine-tune as needed. Our overall recommendation will take into consideration, and will be based on our analysis of your financial security needs.

Why We Do This

To ensure that we have enough of an understanding of all of our client’s wants, goals & dreams, to enable us to make fully informed recommendations that best fit them, their families’ and their business’ needs. Also to help them accumulate wealth, and to manage and protect that wealth on an on-going basis.

Conflict Of Interest

We take the potential of a conflict of interest seriously. We will notify you if there is a conflict of interest of which we become aware in regards to our recommendations to you.




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If you’re interested in learning more about our qualifications or the nature of our business relationships, use the BIG red button to contact us.

We’re also available by phone (403-742-6450 or toll-free 866-219-7366).