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How To Access Your Online Bank Account With Manulife Bank

How To Access Your Online Bank Account With Manulife Bank

Occasionally, we get phone calls from clients asking how to access their new online bank account.  Not that we mind but, in the attempt to be more proactive we thought it would be helpful to outline the steps about how to access your online bank account with Manulife Bank.


After applying for your new online account via your financial advisor, you have two options for obtaining your account & online login information — you can either wait for it to arrive in the mail, or you can call Manulife Bank directly to gain immediate access to this information.

  1.  Wait to receive your Welcome Letter
    • Your Access card and PIN are mailed in two separate mailings, a few days apart, within 10 business days of your application.
  2.  Call Manulife Bank directly (877.765.2265) to confirm the status of your account and create links to your other account(s), if desired.   This phone number is also on the back of your Access card. Selecting ‘1’ then ‘0’ will take you directly to a “real” person.
    • NB: Be sure to REQUEST ONLINE ACCESS DURING THIS PHONE CALL to make sure that your online account is linked to any offline accounts that you need.

Once you have your Access#, you can log in to your account.


Again, there are two options for logging in:

    1. – Use the big grey Sign In button at the top of the screen

Manulife Bank login

    1. – Direct login to Manulife Bank

Manulife Bank login

You will need:

  • The 9-digit Access# that you obtained from your phone call (or Welcome Letter)
  • The 6-digit temporary password that you obtained from your phone call (or Welcome Letter)


After signing in, you’ll be prompted to change your temporary password to a permanent one of your choosing.

  • First box – Enter the current (temporary) password
  • 2nd and 3rd boxes – Enter the new password

After changing your password, you’ll be prompted to select 3 security questions from dropdown menus.

security Qs


When this last step is completed, you’ll gain access to your administration dashboard where your banking options should be self-explanatory.

And, in the event that you haven’t already linked your new, online account to your other offline account(s), you can do that now by submitting a “Funds Transfer Form” from here.

Manulife Banking video demos do a good job explaining how to use your account online, Interac e-Transfers, and create Manulife One sub accounts.


The phone number on the back of your Access card (877.765.2265) will put you in touch with Manulife Bank 24/7 customer service.  If you feel that staff hasn’t addressed your concerns, ask to speak with the manager of the department and, if necessary, senior management.

To further address any unresolved matters, Manulife Bank recommends that you use this contact information:

Manulife Bank

P.O. BOX 1602 STN Waterloo
500 King Street North, Suite 500MA
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 4C6

You also have the right to contact the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, who ensures that federally-regulated financial institutions comply with federal consumer protection laws. You can write to:

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada
6th Floor Enterprise Building
427 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 1B9


If we can help with any of your other financial needs, use the BIG red button to contact us.  After all, that’s what we’re here for.

We’re also available by phone (403-742-6450 or toll-free 866-219-7366).