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GMO Foods

Farmers Market

There is so much hype now about buying organic and avoiding any food that may be considered GMO.  This is a great video relating to farming, feeding the world and the myths about GMO foods.     Like the computer and wireless communication, genetically modified food is the result of recent innovation. Begun in the mid-1800s, the science of genetics …

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Carry On, Farmer. Carry On.

Carry On Thumbnail

What’s your life story? Everyone has one, and it’s the most valuable asset you possess. Our stories are what makes each one of us unique, but they’re also what ties us all together. Through common challenges, fears, hopes and aspirations, our stories thread through the fabric of agriculture – lifting our hearts and uniting our dreams. Go to /themovement to …

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Business Update 2014 – Boys Financial Services

Kid Working

Looking back on how the first 7 months of 2014 have flown by, reinforces my belief that time does go by faster the older you get, this not helped by some of the challenges that have come along so far this year. The major one being computer issues, we were running on Windows XP Pro and starting to notice some odd issues. Add …

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Peter Boys Support for Advocis

Peter Boys active with Advocis

Being heavily involved in Advocis’ “Raise The Bar” initiative has gained Boys Financial Services a level of notoriety in the financial realm, including Manulife Financial’s national magazine, Dialogue, where Peter was featured for his meeting with provincial MLAs. With a keen interest in the advancement of regulations for financial planners, Peter accompanied over 50 other Advocis members at the November …

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The Challenging World Facing Generation-Y


Generation-Y is an interesting topic for me, especially being the father of a member of this group born between the early 1980s and early 2000s.   With over 12 million of them in Canada, Gen-Yers are the largest demographic group since the baby boomers, and face some major challenges. I hear small business owners complaining that they tend to be self-centered and …

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The Buffett Rule

Think Big

Warren Buffet discusses his New York Times commentary, ‘Stop Coddling the Super-Rich,’ which called on Congress (2011) to increase taxes on millionaires, and talks about The Buffett Rule (millionaire tax).   As one might expect, despite a majority support (68%) of millionaires-at-large, and the fact that the tax could conceivably bring in an additional $31-47 billion dollars over a decade, …

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