Peter Boys, Boys Financial Services

Peter Boys Support for Advocis

Being heavily involved in Advocis’ “Raise The Bar” initiative has gained Boys Financial Services a level of notoriety in the financial realm, including Manulife Financial’s national magazine, Dialogue, where Peter was featured for his meeting with provincial MLAs.

With a keen interest in the advancement of regulations for financial planners, Peter accompanied over 50 other Advocis members at the November 2013 Legislature Day in Edmonton and participated in constructive dialog with concerned members of parliament.

Peter Boys’ support for Advocis was shared by influential MLAs regarding Advocis’ proposed Professions Model which calls for the title “financial advisor” to be strictly regulated, and for all titleholders to be required to belong to a recognized professional association.

As stated in the Dialogue  article,

The MLAs agreed to work with Advocis towards an appropriate regulatory framework that adequately protects consumers while creating an environment that allows greater access to professional financial advice.

For consumers who are interested in learning more about the direction of eventual certification legislation for financial advisors, visit Advocis’ Raise The Bar to view an online petition, and read FAQs about Ontario’s legislative efforts.

Peter Boys active with Advocis