Preet Banerjee Presented at Banff School

Preet Banerjee Presented at Banff School

Preet Banerjee and debt

Just returned from a rejuvenating time at ADVOCIS‘ 2013 Banff School where Prett Banerjee presented.

At the risk of slighting the many knowledgeable speakers and highlights, I wanted to capture at least one of them before getting lost in the day-to-day flurry of what I hesitate to call, “work.”

Preet Banerjee spoke about DEBT as a four-letter-word that has since lost its luster of shame and has become so commonplace that few debtors seem to care that they own it.  But he did it in a way worthy of TED.

Preet Banerjee Presents at Banff School


I couldn’t have done a better job at articulating the laissez faire attitude that accompanies the problem of personal debt, and encourage you to take Preet’s simple challenge to learn just how many years you need to work just to pay interest (on credit cards, car loans, mortgages, etc):

  1. Tabulate and project your interest payments

  2. Divide by your after-tax, annual income

Preet Banerjee presented a longer keynote at Banff School but for those who are unable to attend, hopefully, Preet’s brief insights will move you to re-evaluate your priorities.

Think of borrowing money today as negotiating a pay cut with your future self.

– Preet Banerjee

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