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Critical illness is inconvenient.

People typically save for things like vacations, vehicles, and new homes, but it’s not exactly common to save for a health emergency.  Sadly, this means that many people aren’t financially equipped to deal with a sudden heart attack or other serious illness.

But, what if there were a convenient and affordable option to help you prepare for the unexpected?  AND…offer this same benefit to your employees!

What if you — AND your employees, had access to a tax-free lump sum in the event that you are diagnosed with a covered illness? Wouldn’t this be worth considering?

A Personal Health Services Plan
(PHSP) for Your Employees

As a business owner who recognizes the importance of hanging on to valuable employees, you may already be offering a PHSP as an employment benefit.

If this isn’t something you already do, you might be surprised to know how affordable PSHP coverage is.  It also comes with handy tax benefits to your business.

Any Canadian small business owner can offer a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) to their employees. 

Plus, anyone who participates in PHSP coverage (employer OR employee) can easily obtain additional critical illness coverage through it.

CustomCare‘s Benefits My Way program is a great example of creating a custom health plan that not only provides basic PHSP coverage but offers an additional critical insurance element.  It’s a win-win for both employer and employee.

  • Employers/employees decide for themselves how to spend healthcare dollars
  • No premiums; pay only for what you use
  • Fast claim reimbursement
  • Employers expense the medical/dental costs through the company
  • Employees receive tax-free benefits (including any CI payout)

So Why Do You Need
Critical Illness Insurance?

Getting reimbursed for healthcare expenses is a great perk. BUT, what do you do when a day off turns into multiple days off …for an extended period of time?

Chances are you may already know someone with a serious illness but you many not realize the different kinds of stress that accompany them.

  • Stress of the diagnosis
  • Physical and mental toll
  • Impact of lost wages
  • Having to dig into savings
  • Medical & Rehabilitation cost
  • Day-to-day needs
  • Financial security

When we’re not financially equipped to handle unexpected expenses, it only adds to the stress of the experience. Having a financial contingency plan in your back pocket goes a long way to relieve some of that stress. For instance…

Did You Know?

  • 40% Cdn women & 45% Cdn men will develop cancer during their lifetimes
  • An estimated 70,000 heart attacks occur in Canada each year
  • Every 10 minutes, one person in Canada has a stroke

If you’re not offering your valuable employees a PHSP with critical illness coverage, what’s holding you back?

Watch the video below to learn more about how CustomCare works to provide tax-efficient health insurance coverage for you and your employees.

All Small Businesses Deserve To Have
Affordable Healthcare Benefits

And All Employees Would Love to Have a PHSP
That Also Included CRITICAL ILLNESS Coverage!


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