The Realities of Succession Planning

The Realities of Succession Planning

Harvestjpg’s Jen Jenkins shares her experience with taking over the family ranch — an insightful and personal look into the realities of succession planning.

The future of agriculture can be very bright… the challenge [that young people] face today about agriculture is our attitudes about it. I think it’s all there to be successful and to have a great future – we really need to believe that ourselves.

“The FarmOn Foundation was formed by a group of young agricultural enthusiasts, from rural Alberta, determined to see the industry thrive and become tangible for new farmers looking to be a part of it.  With Canada losing 60% of their young agricultural producers in the last 15 years, leaving only 9.1% of farmers under the age of 35, it was mission critical to form an organization that existed solely for the benefit of young farmers and seeing them succeed.”

We recommend that you visit The FarmOn Foundation’s Facebook page for an inside & personal look into the transitioning state of agriculture in Alberta.

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