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Willing Wisdom

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Willing Wisdom – 7 Questions to Ask Before You Die by Thomas William Deans speaks on how you leave your money and possessions is as important as what you leave. A staggering 50% of North Americans have no will. For those who do, most wills remain badly outdated.Dying without a will can leave a legacy of chaos and anger for those who matter most.

Willing Wisdom is the first book to offer you a process — 7 Questions to ask, family, friends and charities to help guide giving-decisions. For those who already have a Will, the book helps readers confirm whether their giving decisions continue to feel right.

The answers to these 7 Questions reveal whether gifts will release potential or destroy it. Only through conversation and the wisdom shared in both directions can anyone begin to know how it will be for their beneficiaries.

In a busy world where conversations about life, death and wealth are often avoided, Willing Wisdom confidently guides readers in a brave new direction.

The idea of drafting a will in collaboration with beneficiaries and sharing intentions will be challenging for many readers. It is precisely this simple idea that makes Willing Wisdom both a refreshing, important but controversial book.

It will take wisdom to purchase this book and begin one of the most important conversations with those who matter most to you. But this is what great family leaders do. This is how great lives are lived and how great families are built to last.

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